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Russell Hobbs

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Russell Hobbs Coffee Grinder CLASSICS

The Russell Hobbs Classic coffee grinder is the perfect appliance for coffee lovers. The high-quality grinder crushes the beans into small grains, for a coffee with an optimal taste and a better dispensing. The adjustable grinding leaves you with maximum control, you will decide whether you prefer it finer or coarser. The simple operation with a single button allows you to get in a couple of minutes 100g of good fresh coffee. In addition, you will choose how much coffee to grind, to get from 2 to 12 cups of coffee. Equipped with a removable coffee bean container that is easy to clean, the Classic coffee grinder is easy to maintain, and allows you to keep the taste of the coffee unchanged at all times. The contemporary and simple design makes it ideal in any kitchen.


If you own a coffee grinder at home make the most out of it to experience a great coffee at home

Coarse – French Press and Turkish coffee

Medium –  Drip coffee makers.

Fine – Chemex coffee makers or Percolater / Moka coffee maker & Espresso coffee machine

Please note that grounded coffee can begin to lose its flavor after 30 minutes.

If you grind the beans too fine, you can over extract the coffee and the flavor will be bitter.


€65.00 incl tax
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