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Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Designed especially for use with espresso machines, Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablets offer a concentrated formula that eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and machine lines for a more efficient machine and better tasting product. Integral to any daily back flush cleaning regimen, this product is simple to use and yet provides powerful cleaning results.

Cafiza tablets are listed by OMRI for use in organic production so you can use them in your eco-friendly business without worrying about losing organic status. Plus, the individual perfectly-sized tablets allow for easy portioning and prevent overuse.

€41.30 incl tax


€22.77 incl tax

Dr.coffee H2 MYHOME. Fully Automatic Coffee Maker


The machine that brings the professional barista's coffee directly into your home. Modern design, touch screen. The machine grinds the coffee instantly. Professional milk system for an authentic coffee with milk or Cappuccino.

€850.00 incl tax

Dr.coffee M12 Super Automatic Estel Plus

One of the flagship models from Dr. Coffee family, the F12 not only has a noble and elegant refined outlook, but also has ultra-high production efficiency. Easily meet the needs of occasions like traditional VIP center, office; lounge area. For the daily needs of such as bakeries, convenience stores and other commercial operations, it also has no problem.

€3000.00 incl tax

DR.COFFEE VALENTINA L automatic coffee machine

Valentina automatic coffee machine. DIY taste Intelligent cleaning system Excellent coffee quality Silky touch

This coffee machine is leased for free with a minimum quantity of 1550 coffees per month.

We charge €0.15c for espresso and €0.38c per coffee for cappuccino, americano & latte prepared by the machine. 

The cost of €0.38c does not include the cost of the coffee beans, sugar, stirrers & cups. We offer the disposables and coffee beans at a wholesale price when leasing this machine

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DR.COFFEE VALENTINA C11 L automatic coffee machine

Valentina automatic coffee machine. DIY taste Intelligent cleaning system Excellent coffee quality Silky touch
€1534.00 incl tax


The SC08 is designed to match any coffee machine. It is a 472mm high, Low noise & temperature measurement.

  • Security lock
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Air cooled and frost free
  • Intelligent touch
  • temperature setting
€500.00 incl tax


This coffee machine is leased for fee of €200 monthly included 2 kilos coffee beans. The coffee supplied is 2 kilo Gran Caffe Garibaldi Gusto Intenso 100% Robusto and 2 kilo Gran Caffe Garibaldi Top Bar  100% Arabica.

Approximately you would be able to prepare around 550 coffees with the 4 kilos coffees supplied.

The coffee condiments and disposables are opitional and offered at wholesale price

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