KAFECAFE won the 1st edition of Challenge Malta Relay

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The inaugural Challenge Malta took place on Sunday 15 May 2022 with a 113km coast-to-coast course.

 The race started with a 1.9km swim in Bahar Ic-Caghaq with Maya going out of the water in 29 minutes. After that it was Jason time on the 90km Time Trial on the course which started on the route up the main hill of the course along the Coast Road. Once the crest of the Coast Road had been reached, it took a left turn down towards the Pembroke area. The route takes a U turn at this point, bringing the athletes back to the top of the Coast Road again. Heading back down the Coast Road. The route continues along the coast for another 5km, after which it heads inland for a long 2km uphill and a fast 1km downhill section.

After 5 laps of the above Jason managed to stop the clock in 2 hours 22 minutes and now it was Kevin time. Unfortunately for Kevin he had to start the run of 21km from Bahar Ic-Caghaq to Valletta in 2nd position with a disadvantage of 7 minutes from the team CHALLENGE TRI CAMP TEAM MALTA in first position and advantage of 10 minutes on the RELAX team in 3rd position.

Kevin Zammit managed an outstanding run and managed to win the race for KAFECAFE. He managed the distance in 1 hour and 22 minutes with a advantage of 2 minutes on the CHALLENGE TRI CAMP TEAM MALTA and 14 minutes on TEAM DOM.

For full results kindly click on the link below.

Challenge Malta, 2022-05-15 : : my.race|result (raceresult.com)

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